Hey guys I am Adam. I like music a lot and can drum and sing my ass off. I love freedom, honesty, nostalgia, earthbound, sonic the hedgehog, pit bull dogs, the green bay packers, boardwalk empire, blackadder, george carlin, and curvy women.

If you are a fan of Soilwork, Extol, Sikth, Ram-Zet or Darkane please follow me because you have amazing taste in music!


I really enjoy being in the chorale. It makes me excited for Mondays. Coming up next is band practice Tuesday then finally back working with my personal trainer friend on Wednesday. Then I got to clean the bathroom!

Why am I close minded if I don’t like the new Opeth? I was one of the people that wanted them to change after it seemed like they were spinning their wheels a bit. I wouldn’t call their latest albums bad, but my god are they boring to me. I’d rather just put on some ambient or classical music instead.

Played drums on a couple songs with my friend’s worship group in Norfolk tonight. Even know I am Agnostic, I wanted to potentially help them out and give it a try if they ask me to join in on Sunday. Why not you know?





can we PLEASE spread this around tumblr!? the medical field is so fucked up!

Wow finally an actual post on this. I know of 2 people who used this treatment and they both overcame their illness.

Holy shit

i wil stand behind this post 1000000% percent my mother and her twin both had stage 4 thyroid cancer and after putting them threw the process of using concentrated hash oil they’ve been in remission for years without signs of it coming back. now we dab it with the Co2 hash oil and let me tell you something boy hahaha